About Us

Chairman's word
Since the establishment of our company in 1992 AD, and we have had determination and clarity in providing what is new and useful for the agricultural sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and after study and consultation, the company’s vision was developed to reflect those desires and ambition to lead the market and excel in it by providing the best and most economical solutions. The company's goals were formed around developing itself by selecting the most distinguished and skilled employees. Giving them all available opportunities to develop their capabilities and providing them with the necessary support to accomplish their tasks at the highest levels. Our distinguished and capable employees are the real value on which we build our business plans, and we see that together we can achieve all of the company's goals.

In addition to all of the above, we are always working ably to introduce distinctive, unique and value-added solutions and technologies to the Egyptian agricultural market based on partnership foundations with our suppliers. And the conclusion of our goals is to achieve the benefit of our customers, our suppliers and our company - including our employees - from all the work and activities that we do. Since the development of our current vision, praise be to God, a remarkable growth of the company has been achieved in its sales and the spread of its materials in all parts of our dear homeland, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and what we aspired to have been achieved. We still have a lot of ambition, which we are still striving to achieve, in order to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in our dear Egypt. Many thanks to all our customers, suppliers, employees and those with whom, we have made all the achievements